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 Holiday Penguins Rules

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admin millionare61
admin millionare61

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PostSubject: Holiday Penguins Rules   Holiday Penguins Rules Icon_minitimeSat Nov 29, 2008 10:57 pm


1. No Flaming or Complaining-
Do not act all tough or say I SHOULD OF WON or anything like that.

2. No SPAMing -
Please do not post slop or messy messages. Nor don't SPAM with PM nethier. You will be banned forever or a long time if you are caught smapping 5 times.

3. No Hacking -
Do not post any hacking CP hacking programs or any type. It is against the rules.

4. No arguing-
Please do not fight on the forum or you will be baned for 4 days.

All bad words have been sencered so don't swear.

5. Act Smart -
Do not act stupid on the forum. So stay on topic at all times.

6. No advertising -
Please only advertise your site on the ADVERTISE BOARDS and the YOUR WEBSITE section of your profile.

7. No triple posting -
Please do not post more then twice.

8. Do not ask to be a moderator -
Moderators are chosen by behavior and intelligence, so don't just ask to be one all of a sudden.

9. Do not be rude or mean -
Do not make fun of others.
Do not berude or mean to others.
No name calling.

10. No Adult Material-
This includes pornography
This includes gore
Posting any of this will cause heavy bans

11. No Double Accounts
No double accounts if you want a user name change PM me or Greenkid2

12. Don't get off Topic-
Don't post random stuff that doesn't apply to the topic. (By Jjryan9)

Breaking any of these rules may result in posts removed or just edited, and will be given a warning, and if you get 7 warning then you are banned for 2 days.
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Holiday Penguins Rules
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